Qinghai Trip

2016 Summer, we planned our first trip to Qinghai as Team Kaleido. 8 riders, 7 day. Ride, hike, eat, escape and explore. 
 It was just fun. 


loading is the first thing in each morning, some of us seems to be very organized in the beginning, and only in the beginning. 

It was absolutely no regret to come out to see all these beautiful landscape.  

Please don't forget your sun screen. 

Ben and Yulin are always facinated by climbing.


There were all kinds of weather in Qinahai Lake. Sunshine, rain, wing blowing, hail and sand storm. Sometimes, it all happened in one day. 

Our little guide was showing off his  backyard. 

Everyone has their own chilling move...

Chakayan Lake is a dream.

Trying to be normal...

Van was a life saver for us.


Kaleido Kit


Magical place, full of memories

Till next time.